BuddyBelt Harness – The Next Generation of Dog Harnesses!

If you think that your dog just needs a simple collar and leash to wear for an outing, you are wrong. Your dog needs a harness to ensure that they are well protected. A harness helps with the control and safety of the dog in many cases.

When using a traditional neck collar, you fail to realize that your pet has been experiencing unnecessary stress on their neck. The prolonged stress may result in damage to windpipe or the spine of your dog.

BuddyBelt design little harnesses that you can use for your dog to increase its safety. The harness is designed in a way that it exerts less stress on the dog’s neck. The BuddyBelt harness is made of pure leather and quality hardware. While being highly functional, BuddyBelt harnesses are also very attractive.

Each BuddyBelt is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada where attention is paid to every detail of the product.

BuddyBelt harness is available in different sizes and colors. You can pick a size that fits the best for your pet. You can also customize your BuddyBelt harness by adding crystals to it.

BuddyBelt harnesses are highly recommended by Animal Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

You can order a BuddyBelt harness from our online store at https://www.wetnoseboutique.com/ and also browse through a wide variety of other pet merchandise we offer. You can also avail a 20% discount on your first purchase.


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